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Professional Contents Pack Out and Storage Services

Professional Contents Pack Out and Storage Services

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OVERVIEW: Our Contents Cleaning and Restoration Services

Contents Cleaning Saves Time and Money

At Local Restoration PROS, we fully understand that, regardless of the type of disaster, … TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE … in order to limit damage to your property and your precious possessions.

So, it is extremely importance to act fast to identify, remove, store and protect your valuable and important items from further damage or loss.

When you experience a loss from fire or water, there are two sides to the insurance equation; coverage pertaining to damage to the house or building and coverage for all the damage to the contents and personal items.

Our team works with the insurance company to help minimize the size of the loss due to damage to contents by determining the cost effectiveness of cleaning, restoring and deodorizing versus replacement. We work with homeowners to help them go through personal items that may have sentimental value.

Most homeowners prefer to have their current household items cleaned and restored rather than replaced. While everyone might like to have some extra money to purchase a new outfit or TV, most people don’t have the time or patience to purchase everything it takes to fully stock a house.

Digital Photo Inventory (DPI)

During this process, we create a Digital Photo Inventory of all items in the house; cleanable, non-salvageable, items left on-site, etc. The DPI is completed with the property owner’s signature. Copies are then made available to the insured and adjuster.

Content Restoration Facility

Cleaning and restoration is performed in our content restoration facility. Cleaned items are repacked in clean, odor-free packaging and stored until such time as they can be brought back to your property.
When the damage has been mitigated at your property, we return all items, unpack everything and place it back where it was before the loss.

Insurance Claims

We work with all insurance carriers to ensure we work within your policy limits. We help the claims adjuster decide whether something should be cleaned and restored or replaced.

Contents Cleaning and Restoration Facility

Our contents cleaning and restoration facility is a secure place where your items are evaluated, cleaned and stored while your property is undergoing restoration.

At risk materials include, but are not limited to; metal, stone, fabric, wood and plastic. During a fire, many synthetic materials produce acidic smoke which settles on your contents. If this is not neutralized and cleaned in a timely manner more damage will be incurred.

Water damage poses a different set of perils for contents such as; rust, cracking, staining and sickness causing bacteria.

For the business that has been affected by a loss, we work to get the business up and running as quickly by cleaning and restoring critical infrastructure. This is especially important when computers and machinery are involved.

A partial list of cleanable and restorable contents in your home or business:

  • Textiles; bedding, towels, curtains, cloths, shoes, leather goods, area rugs, etc.
  • Furniture; upholstery, wood, metal, plastic, etc.
  • Kitchenware; cookware, crockery, dishes, silverware, etc.
  • Paper Goods; personal files, business files, special books, etc.
  • Photographs and Artwork
  • Sentimental and Delicate Items; china, crystal, ceramics, collections
  • Electronics; TV, computer, printers, servers, etc.
  • Mechanical Equipment; examination equipment, manufacturing equipment, etc.


Our crews are standing by (24/7), even on weekends and holidays to respond quickly to your emergency in order to mitigate, protect and restore your home or business and bring calm to the most chaotic situations.

When the unexpected happens, we will act immediately to remove your prized possessions, clean and store them, and track and safely return them to you. We have extensive experience in carefully packing and storing items from homes and offices.



Our state of the art system will allow our field technicians to automate our Pack Out services. It allows us to accurately track all of your items that we move from your home or business to our storage facility, so that they are easy to locate and safely return to you.



Our storage facility is climate-controlled, has a fire suppression systems, and we constantly monitor that facility with our security surveillance system. Additionally, we carry full insurance to cover all of the property we are storing.

We are extremely careful when packing, labeling, moving, and storing your important items. We make absolutely sure to document everything we do so that your items are fully protected and that we can quickly identify where everything is at all times.



Content Cleaning Will Minimize Your Losses

To protect, preserve and restore your items, we can carefully clean and restore your items when they are removed from a home or office so that when they are returned to you they are clean and ready to be used.

Before any of your items are cleaned, we will consult with you to explain and document all decisions before work starts.



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